How to identify the best Free Genealogy or Family Tree Software?

Best free genealogy software
Best free genealogy software

Genealogy software provides record keeping system managements of ancestors including their names, locations and relationships. You can take print of these records and reports with family tree, pie charts and DNA results. Best free genealogy software provide some basic features like:

  • Genealogy software supports all entries of individuals like, details including their birth, death, burial, locations, languages and marriage as a citation and sources.
  •  Family tree software can store alternative names of individuals but it is not mandatory to search.
  • Marriage is not restricted by any numbers and there are many possibilities to keep the records of multiple marriages. Many spouses or husbands can take a part of this record.
  • Polygamous relationships are generally not listed but one part should be entered into this software.
  • There are provisions of multiple parenthoods, and these are listed but it is not necessary. It can happen in case of adoptions or fosters, but only one part of the parents should be recorded in the software.
  • Same sex marriage can happen and recommended program are used to support the parents.
  • All the software supports family groups, pedigree, family tree reports and charts.
  • Multimedia and graphic attachments are supported in these software but photos are not supported in these software.
  • Import and export format files are supported.

Legacy standard software – easy to use and many features

You can easily use this family tree software. The free version of this software has many features like, family group, pedigree and index cataloguing system support. You can insert your photograph and other relevant documents and you can search by the individuals from the older generations till date. The entire database like, places, relationships and sources can be recorded in this software and you can search a specific individual or family generation. Same sex marriage and multiple parents are not supported in this software but polygamous marriage is supported in this software.

Gramps software – one of the best free genealogy software

This software is supported in any operating system. You can search the family group, relationships, and events, places of origin, sources and notes by using this software. Places including details of the district names, locations, street, name of the city and maps can appear as entries into this software. Alternative locations are also recorded in several parts of it. All the date wise entries are supported in this software.

ScionPC software – free and easy to learn

This is portable and the best free genealogy software. You can add same sex parents in this software because both part of the parents are supported in this software. This software refers to both the members of the marriage as the parents. The unique state format systems of this software supports many features like, Islamic, Persian, French Revolutionary, Indian nationals and unknown calendars.

Roots magic essentials –free genealogy software

This best free genealogy software supports multiple database systems. Multiple parents are accepted in this software. Bibliographies are available in some reports of this software and citation of places, locations, relationship, multiple parents and dates are supported. You can view and print your genealogy reports and citation from this software also.

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